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Written by Ashly Damon

Edited by Bradley Bell

No matter where I went, who I took under my lips and arms, what sort of company I kept, loneliness always returned to me. It was a bitter friend that I had, loneliness.

Yet while they were with me, for the days, months or years, I felt complete and jubilant.

Though at times our passions peaked, and we did clash, my companions and I would always reunite. That is, if they did not grow weary of me and my old world frustrations. In my stead they would take a newer world of ambitions and petty partners.

So I would be left to mourn them, and weep until I laid eyes on another with such beauty, whom I knew from a glance that I must have them.

I found such a woman, on one of Marionette’s famous moonlit nights, who walked freely along the docks as a treasured woman of pleasure.

It was chillingly cold, her breasts defiant of the winter breeze. I smiled at her and promised her many moneys if she were to just try one evening with me.

She agreed to what she assumed would be a routine evening. Oh for a while it was, yes, her skin was warm in my hands, reasonably cold hands due to winter. They pressed against her back, causing her soft skin to dimple as we rolled around my bed.

It slowly became evident, as my hands became harder and harder on her soft, alive skin that there was discomfort. Oh, in the true spirit of pleasure, she moaned, this jewel begged to be closer to me.

Finally, as my teeth pierced the skin of her breasts, she did not fight, too high on the pleasure. Mmm, yes, I knew she was the right one for me.

Her lifeblood met my tongue, the acrid smell soon mingled with her perfumed skin; I sucked in all of this.

The jewel slowly paled more and more, verging on null. I gushed myself into her mouth.

They always take it in, and damn themselves. I cannot blame them though, I do taste sweet.

She twitched and groaned, suffering the agony of death. “What have you done to me?” She cried.

I chuckled. “You have done this to yourself, dear.” I petted her hair to soothe her.

I trusted that she would learn to accept it in the coming time. For a time, whether it spanned months years or decades it mattered not, for we had a timeless love.

The Jewel and I, a daring couple.

Yet as I led her to become more educated and cultured, some of her older sensibilities came back, the lust for sex and gratification, and callousness to which suited both.

I would return home to find my lovely four poster bed and cotton sheets tainted with blood, a body having been tossed carelessly on it.

The arrogance!

I stormed around the house looking for her, rage in my eyes. “Oh you little harlot. Show yourself why don’t you!”

She did not return until the following evening, only this time with a woman and a man slung on each arm. “What is this?” I pursed my lips.

“What do you mean? We’re going to have a jolly good time.” She smirked.

“Do you know the price of good quality bed sheets? Do you? I’ve had to steal so much coin to get my pretty things you know! And this!” I pointed to the drugged couple. “Just biting away at whatever flow you can find eh? And without me either! I feel betrayed!”

“Can we skip this conversation? I am burning for them.” She shined a dark smile.

“We would have them together, that was the engagement of such a partnership, wasn’t it? Are not any different from this pair you found?”

She moved their jaws with her hands. “No, we just want to get off.” She made them say.

I snarled at her, threatening to burn her whilst she slept.

“Oh don’t be such an emotional wreck. Are you even a man? You can either join me or leave.”

I was careless where I left the bodies that night, and they did not in any mild form subdue my passion.

I often wondered if I could have killed her in that moment, well and truly severed all love for her. It would have ruined my carpet, but it would have been worth it.

Yet despite our differences, my jewel did not leave me, and we stayed in Marionette, our city of moonlight, as it was called.

Oh, by all means she tried to have me killed. Annoying scoundrels to try and stake me whilst I roamed the city, other of our kind to suck away my power, an assortment of attempts that always failed.

On one particular attempt, something strange happened.

“What is this, another one of your ‘special friends’?” I motioned to the hunter in my living room.

“This monster has been keeping me here against my will. Oh please, I’m so terrified but I had to go for help. Kill him!” She cried in her most human voice, eyes working wonders on him.

“Oh you’re to kill me? How quaint.” I smiled insincerely.

The fellow threw himself at me, to which he was cut down by my backhand.

“Sigh, what another amateur. Don’t you tire of such childish things, dirty jewel?”

She rolled her eyes.

“Why do I try to end you? Because your fire has dwindled! Do not salt my earth and then claim it is my own fault! I am a reaction to you!”

“You’ll never be satisfied. You’re a whore, after all. You need to be worn by more than one hand.” I wiped the dirt off my hand and the cuff of my sleeve. “Are we done here?”

“You and your dead passion! Do something!”

In between her cold hands she snatched up my face, staring, trying to sift for something with her eyes.

“My passion?”

“I know you, you’ve become too settled. Your passion is dead.” She kissed me. “Did you not feel a thing just now? Anything at all?”

I didn’t reply, deep in thought.

“You have all of eternity to be a polite gentleman. Be the animal, let loose on me as you did a time ago.”

“All this for the sake of such a dismal act?”

I looked down at the woozy hunter before me.

My throat began to grow hot, thirsty for his blood like I had once for wine. I returned my gaze to my jewel.

“Sigh, you are alas, one of many failures. You are a piece of coal, not a jewel; my eyes must be failing me to make such an obvious mistake.”

“You’re going to leave me?” She asked, stunned.

“No.” I knocked her head off with my hand.

“I’ll find another, one who isn’t so vulgar. My taste in your kind always was at a fault anyway.” I crushed the jewel until there was no more movement. Then the hunter.

I dragged her body to the fireplace and let it all arise in flames, all of our history, our belongings and photographs.

“What a shame.” I sighed. “Just another dirty rock.”

I leapt out the window to my next love.